CITP is a protocol for integration of lighting controllers, media servers and visualizers. The protocol is open in the sense that anyone is free to implement it without any charges.

The protocol was originally Capture-specific and called "Capture Interface Transport Protocol" and only contained DMX transfer, fixture selection and patch messages for Capture. This changed with the addition of the media server extensions ("MSEX"), when the C was changed from Capture to Controller. Since then Capture have added their own Capture extensions ("CAEX") where new Capture-specific messages are being added.

The top design and documentation contributors so far are Capture, ChamSys, ArKaos and OpenClear.

The protocol specification is currently maintained by Capture. The intention is for the protocol to evolve by submission of and discussion of suggestions in the forum.

The latest protocol specification can always be found at the end of this posting on the forum.