Testing tools for citp/msex?

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Testing tools for citp/msex?

Postby santi » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:59 am


i'm trying develop for learning a media server based on open source and i'm dealing now with CITP/MSEx. I've took the open CITP library from J. Warwick (https://github.com/jwarwick/citp-lib) and i've extended it with the MSEx layer. Good....

I'm trying it with MagicQ and the thumbnails transfer is working, but a little bit tricky. I'm sending the thumbs only in the format MagicQ asks for (jpeg 64x46) and i've observed with Wireshark MagicQ doesn't send a Cinf packet, it seems ignore all of this part of the protocol. Also, it seems ignore the Ploc listening tcp port and attempts connect in 4811, if i place the server there works, if not MagicQ will continue attemping connect in this port.

So i've the software working in MagicQ but i would like test it with anothers tools, i've trying the CITP Suite, but it's too simple, what are you using for testing? is there some software over there?


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Re: Testing tools for citp/msex?

Postby lasso » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:19 pm

Hi santi,

At the moment there is no complete test suite (as you have noticed), so I guess the best thing to do is download other console softwares that support CITP/MSEX?

Lars Wernlund
Lars Wernlund
Technical Manager, Capture Sweden

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