Libraries in C# or c++

Bits and byte level questions, ideas and suggestions for the CITP protocol.
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Libraries in C# or c++

Postby tabulatouch » Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:23 am


We are about to implement the protocol, at first for thumbnails only.
Are there existing libraries in C# or C++ ?

Thank you

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Re: Libraries in C# or c++

Postby mx_w » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:00 pm

we are working on a c++ version based on wxwidgets, maybe we can join efforts?

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Re: Libraries in C# or c++

Postby conner » Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:56 pm

is there an update and a library available ?

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Re: Libraries in C# or c++

Postby david » Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:13 pm

I'm working on a cross-platform C# implementation here. Very close to a first release right now. This will have support for all CITP versions, but only for Media Server devices. Support for other device types will be added soon after.

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