Question about SXSr/SInf DMX Source connection string

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Question about SXSr/SInf DMX Source connection string

Postby mcorke » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:56 pm


I'm working with the guys at Martin to chase down a CITP/MSEX issue between our Mbox software and their M-Series consoles. We've found that when Mbox is listening to sACN (instead of Art-Net) the M-Series consoles don't assign the MSEX thumbs to the correct fixture in their patch. They are using the SInf message to get this information from Mbox. The issue arises because Mbox is outputting a 1-based universe number when listening to sACN, versus a 0-based universe number when listening to Art-Net.

Unfortunately, depending on the version of the CITP spec that I look at, the DMX Source connection string example shows either a 0-based number (pre October 2014) or 1-based number (beginning in October 2014) for the universe number. And the Martin console (and perhaps other devices) appears to be expecting a 0-based number no matter what.

Can I get a definitive answer on what we should be using/expecting when the protocol is sACN? Should the universe number be 0-based or 1-based?

- Thanks, Matt

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Re: Question about SXSr/SInf DMX Source connection string

Postby lasso » Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:21 am


Capture also assumes it's 0-based.. I suspect a typo snuck in there. Are you aware of any other systems than your Mbox which assume it's 1-based?
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